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Do your soaps contain any chemicals?

We use only all-natural ingredients, with the exception of sodium hydroxide, which is essential in the soap-making process. When oils are mixed with sodium hydroxide, a chemical reaction called saponification (process of converting fats into soap) occurs creating glycerin (a hydrating agent) and fatty acid sodium (the foundation for hard bars of soap). By the end of the chemical reaction, the sodium hydroxide is neutralized and none remain in the final product.

What is the soap’s pH (acidity) level?

We do not use any synthetic surfactants and create soaps that have a low alkalinity.

These days, we often see pH balanced products on the market, however many use chemical and synthetic additives to achieve this claim. Synthetic surfactants are said to cause protein denaturation and remains on the outer layer (stratum corneum) of the skin, making it more susceptible to damage. Our skin is protected by a strong barrier. As long as there are no other ailments inhibiting natural skin secretions, it will always return to its normal, neutral pH state.


If you are concerned that your skin feels tight after use, please follow up with a face lotion with weak acidity.

How are your products made?

We make our soaps using the Cold Process method.


We slowly and carefully begin mixing oils and sodium hydroxide at around 50 degrees Celsius, and allow the saponification process to continue without any additional heat. This takes longer than the Hot Process method, but helps reduce the oxidation of the oils and requires limited intervention.


We wait 1 – 2 months for our products to naturally cure (evaporate excess moisture) in order to create a hard, long-lasting, yet gentle bar of soap with a low pH.

Do your products contain fragrances?

Yes, our soaps are infused with small amounts of all-natural essential oils to create a more enjoyable user experience. We do not use any artificial fragrances or heavy fragrance oils.  Since we do not use any synthetic ingredients or preservatives, for those wanting to enjoy the soaps for their aromatic qualities, we suggest using them as soon as possible after unwrapping as the scent will diminish over time.

Are the soaps safe to use while pregnant?

The safety of essential oils during pregnancy is widely debated. Essential oils have the ability to affect hormone balance and other aspects of our health and mood, and oftentimes they are intentionally used for these benefits. However, during pregnancy they may cause a dangerous hormonal imbalance and other unwanted health risks. Clary Sage oil, for example is known to help balance estrogen levels in the body, but can also cause contractions and are to be avoided during pregnancy. With limited research available on this topic, we advise refraining from use during pregnancy to eliminate any unnecessary risks.

When do products expire? How should I store the soaps?

We recommend using our products within one year of the manufacture date. To fully enjoy the aroma of the essential oils in the soap, we advise using the soaps as soon as possible after they are unwrapped. Please store in a cool, dry place before use. For best results during use, please drain off any excess water and place in a well-ventilated spot.


Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel or modify orders at this time


※For those choosing to pay by bank transfer (not by credit card), please note that if we do not receive your payment within one week of your placed order, we will consider the transaction canceled.

Can I add to my original order?

Unfortunately, we cannot modify orders after the transaction has been completed. Please visit our website again and place a new order.


Can I set up regularly scheduled deliveries?

Yes. Please email with your auto delivery request.

*Auto delivery requires a minimum of eight scheduled orders in a span of one year.


What happens if I’m not home during delivery?

If nobody is home to sign for your order, the delivery service will leave a note with contact information in order to reschedule delivery.


If you are absent for an extended period of time or refuse to receive the product, you will be charged a returned shipment fee (if processed as a collect on delivery, C.O.D.) and all future orders will not be accepted.

What is your return policy?

We take the utmost care to ensure that you receive our best products, however if there are any damage or quality issues (including those incurred while shipping), we will gladly accept returns and exchanges. If this need arises, please contact us within two weeks of delivery.

For more information on returns and exchanges, please visit our REFUND POLICY/RETURNS & EXCHANGES FORM page.


What are your shipping rates?

We offer free shipping on orders over 6,000 yen.

For more information, please visit our Delivery/Payment Methods page.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we only ship within Japan and do no ship internationally at this time.


Can I place big orders for gifts or souvenirs?

Yes. If you would like to place larger orders for party favors or souvenirs, please fill out the Contact Us form with a detailed request. Since T-Style products are all handmade, we kindly ask that you place large orders at least two months prior to the requested delivery date.

Do you have a product catalog?

We are working on a leaflet, which will be available shortly.