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Castelvetrano OlivesCastelvetrano Olives / Neeta Lind

The all-natural plant oils used in our soaps is a mixture of 50% Pure Olive Oil, 30% Palm Kernel Oil and 20% Palm Oil. Essential oils provide a delicate, therapeutic scent, and the soap’s distinctive coloring is derived from natural clay and charcoal. Formulated to be very gentle on skin,

MANA BAROSA soaps are an excellent all-around cleansing bar for your face and body.


Utilizing time-honored traditions and simple, trusted ingredients, our products are a labor of love.


We do not lose sight of soap’s intended purpose by adding any unnecessary ingredients to our formulas. We strive to create simple, pure products that are safe for daily use.


The T-Style concept and the three “T’s” we promise to deliver

Our Story (A 30-year struggle with allergies)

Our Principles

Try a sample size of both UZU KURO and UZO ROSE


With purifying bamboo charcoal – ideal for oily skin

With a calming, mild Kaolin clay – recommended for sensitive skin

Try a sample size of both UZU KURO and UZO ROSE

Soothe your senses with a light patchouli scent and chic crescent moon design

MICADUKI KURO, but with inverted colors


With antihistamine benefits of the nettle leaf – best for delicate, hypersensitive skin